Turnaround times & Sample sizes:


Please note that if sampling is done by

the client that the correct sampling procedure

must be followed specified in the test method.


This is a list of Soillab tests and expected turnaround times and sample sizes.
The list is a work in progress and will be expanded in near future.
Days noted in the list refer to workdays with standard working hours.
Sample size refers to a single sample of the relevant test.

Please contact us if more detail is required.


Please note that reporting times may be influenced by factors like:


  • Weather conditions can influence sample preparation time

  • Certain test results consists of more than one type of test

  • Certain instances might require a re-test

  • A large workload: most laboratories work on a first-in-first-out basis, except if special arrangements are made

  • Public holidays and Pay-weekends

  • Unplanned strikes



    Short Test Description

    Test Description

    Test Method

    Minimum sample size

    Testing Time


    Sieve analysis (Soil)

    Wet/Dry preparation and sieve analysis of gravel, sand and soil samples

    TMH1 method A1 or

    SANS 3001-GR1 and GR2

    ± 2 kg

    2 days

    Liquid Limit

    Determination of the liquid limit of soils by means of the flow curve method

    TMH method A2 or

    SANS 3001-GR12

    ± 1 kg

    4 days

    Plastic Limit

    Determination of plastic limit and plasticity index of soils

    TMH1 method A3 or

    SANS 3001-GR10

    ± 1 kg

    4 days

    Material passing a 0.075

    Determination of percentage of material passing a 0.075 sieve in a soil samples

    TMH1 method A5

    ± 2 kg

    2 days

    Mod AASHTO

    Determination of the maximum dry density and optimum moisture content of gravel, sand and soils

    TMH1 method A7 or

    SANS 3001-GR30

    ± 50 kg

    2 days


    Determination of the California Bearing Ratio of untreated soils and gravel

    TMH1 method A8 or

    SANS 3001-GR40

    ± 60 kg

    7 days

    Sand Replacement

    Determination of the in-place dry density of soils or gravel by sand replacement method

    TMH1 method A10 (a)


    2 days

    Density Nuclear

    Determination of the in-place density and moisture content of soils or gravel by nuclear method

    TMH1 method A10 (b) or SANS 3001-NG5


    2 days


    Determination of the unconfined compressive strength of stabilized soils, gravel and sand

    TMH1 method A14 or

    SANS 3001-Gr53

    ± 80 kg

    Accelerated method 3 days for cement


    Determination of the flakiness index of a coarse aggregate

    TMH1 method B3 or

    SANS 3001-AG4

    ± 7 kg

    2 days

    Sieve analysis (Aggregates)

    The sieve analysis of aggregates, including the determination of the material passing the 0.425 and 0.75 sieve

    TMH1 method B4 or

    SANS 3001-AG1

    ± 5 kg

    2 days

    Bulk density (Aggregates)

    Determination of the bulk density at coarse and fine aggregates

    TMH1 method B9

    ± 50 kg

    2 days

    Fineness Modulus

    Determination of the fineness modules of fine aggregate

    TMH1 method B13

    ± 5 kg

    2 days

    Bulk dry density

    Determination of the dry bulk density, apparent relative density and water absorption of aggregate retained on a 4.75 sieve

    TMH1 method B14 or

    SANS 3001-AG20

    ± 50 kg

    3 days

    Concrete cube strength

    The making, curing and compressive strength determination of concrete test cubes

    THM1 method D1 or

    SANS 5863

    6 concrete cubes

    29 days (crushing of cubes)


    The determination of slump of freshly mixed concrete

    TMH1 method D3 or

    SANS 5862-1

    On site testing

    1 day


    Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

    TMH 6 ST6


    2 days


    Determination of the percentage fines obtained when a certain fraction is subjected to a gradually applied load of 400 kN

    TMH 1 B1

    ± 10 kg

    3 days


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